Senator Feingold’s Supreme Court hypocrisy

Senator Russ Feingold has a history of saying one thing and doing another. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, he once was in favor of filibustering an up-or-down vote on President Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Now that Republicans control Congress, he’s demanding a vote.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

The Johnson campaign said Feingold is taking a hypocritical stance, pointing to his past record as a senator when in 2006 he supported a filibuster against President George W. Bush’s court nominee, Samuel Alito.

“Ron wants the American people to have a voice in the selection of our next Supreme Court justice, and believes we need one who respects the Constitution,” Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Senator Feingold is changing his tune like a true career politician — calling for a vote now, after fighting in lockstep with Senate Democrats to prevent an up-or-down vote on Justice Alito.”