Once against outside groups, Senator Feingold now receiving support from half a dozen far-left groups

In 1998, Senator Feingold wanted attack ads to “get the hell out of my state.” Now, he is accepting help from half a dozen far-left groups running misleading ads against Ron.

From the Washington Free Beacon in October:

In addition, $1.8 million has been dumped into the race to help Feingold from just five liberal groups–$300,000 more than what has been given to help Johnson from conservative groups.

The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel writes:

Indeed, Feingold acknowledged that he was abandoning his long-held pledge to raise a majority of his funds from Wisconsin residents. The National Journal reported this year that only 43% of his cash came from in-state sources.

Beyond that, Feingold is the beneficiary of heavy spending by third-party groups early in the contest.

Unofficially, it appears that five liberal groups — led by the League of Conservation Voters— have already spent or have bought airtime worth $1.8 million in the race.

That’s at least $300,000 more than the three outside conservative groups have poured into helping Johnson, who defeated Feingold in 2010.