Senator Feingold, America’s most famous undecided voter, faces lose-lose proposition with Hillary, Bernie

Senator Feingold dodged Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate in Milwaukee, refusing to face the lose-lose proposition of picking between a fellow professional politician nobody trusts, and a Socialist who shares his far-left ideology.

Below are excerpts on our digital ad campaign and Senator Feingold’s efforts to dodge this issue: 

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

The campaign for U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has gone up with a digital attack ad against Democratic rival Russ Feingold during Thursday night’s Democratic Presidential debate in Milwaukee.

Feingold isn’t here. Instead, he was set to watch the debate at his home in Middleton.

The Johnson campaign said it will be targeting debate watchers, as well as followers of Feingold, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) of Vt.

From Politico: 

DURING THE DEBATE – Johnson goes after Feingold with digital adsGOP Sen. Ron Johnson’s campaign is going after Johnson’s Democratic rival, former Sen. Russ Feingold, for not saying whether he’s supporting Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the presidential race. Johnson ran digital ads against Feingold during the debate in the two men’s home state on Thursday – which Feingold did not attend – calling Feingold “America’s most famous undecided voter.”

“Asked last week if he thought his chances of knocking off Feingold were better with Sanders at the top of the ticket, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson responded: ‘Don’t Sanders and Feingold share an ideology?'” The campaign worked with Targeted Victory to craft the ads, said Brian Reisinger, a Johnson spokesman.

The ads are also indicative of another new GOP theme: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are no different. “Senator Feingold faces the lose-lose proposition of running with a fellow professional politician nobody trusts, or a self-admitted Socialist who shares his far-left ideology,” Betsy Ankney, Johnson’s campaign manager, said in a statement announcing the ads. Any of the Republican candidates for president would be better than the candidates from “the Democratic communist party,” Ward Baker, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s executive director, said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters on Thursday. “No matter who our nominee is, they will be better than the undeclared socialist or the declared socialist of the Democratic communist party,” Baker said. Baker, the GOP’s chief strategist for Senate races, repeatedly referred to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as the “undeclared socialist” and the “declared socialist” throughout the breakfast. It’s also the theme of a new web video from America Rising Squared, a conservative nonprofit.