Ron exposes another problem with Obamacare, Senator Feingold echoes support for government-run healthcare

Ron stands with Wisconsin taxpayers against Obamacare tax credits for illegal immigrants while Senator Feingold echoes Bernie Sanders on government-run health care.

From Right Wisconsin:

Sen. Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, released a report Tuesday that alleges the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) distributed as much as $750 million to half million individuals who failed to verify their citizenship or lawful presence inside the United States.

“According to HHS, a substantial number of individuals applied for and received subsidized health insurance coverage, despite the Administration’s inability to verify the individuals’ citizenship or lawful presence in the United States,” says the report titled, “Affordable Care Act Premium Tax Credits: HHS and IRS Lack Plan to Recover Improperly Spent Taxpayer Dollars.”
The new report from Sen. Johnson highlights a few important things.
  1. 1. Sen. Johnson is actually holding the administration accountable and is uncovering real waste.
  2. 2. Despite suffering from a name identity issue, Sen. Johnson is invested in his work and is fighting for taxpayers as a committee chair.
  3. 3. Former Sen. Russ Feingold remains all in on Obamacare, and only lamented the lack of a public option.
  4. 4. Obamacare continues to raise the price of healthcare premiums on working families while dolling out hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits without even verifying citizenship or legal status.
“The contrast in this race is clear: Ron Johnson stands with Wisconsin taxpayers and families, and Senator Feingold stands with big government and Bernie Sanders,” spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Ron believes Obamacare exemplifies all that is wrong with Washington, which is why he’s working toward patient-centered, market-based solutions to replace it. Career politician Senator Feingold not only cast one of the deciding votes for this disastrous law – he supports government-run health care, whatever the consequences.”
Chairman Johnson’s charges IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with the “responsibility of recouping funds awarded to ineligible eligible, and must be accountable for that responsibility.”
Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold appeared at Marquette Law School recently and said that as talks of the Affordable Care Act were underway, he and Bernie Sanders were holding off for an even stronger bill that contained a single-payer health care option before catching himself and quickly shifting his answer to a “public option.”

“On many of the issues we’ve talked about, you and Bernie Sanders would probably agree,” the host began in the video captured by America Rising PAC. “What do you think of his candidacy? Do you think that he could be the nominee? If he were the nominee, would you be comfortable supporting him?”

“I’ll support the Democratic nominee whoever it is,” Feingold responded. “I’ve worked with Bernie Sanders. He’s an honorable person, he is a committed progressive and I agree with him on many issues.”

“In fact, Bernie and I were holding out for an even stronger bill on the Affordable Care Act,” he continued. “We wanted a single-payer – we wanted an option to opt in, a public option.”