Senator Feingold, Groundhog Day, and the Facts

It’s no coincidence that Groundhog Day came out in 1993, the same year Senator Feingold arrived in Washington. Just like Bill Murray wakes up every day and it’s the same, Senator Feingold wakes up and wants to run for office.

Senator Feingold might insist otherwise – like last week when he said he’s not an “automaton who runs for office all the time – but Wisconsin knows the truth. Senator Feingold’s political career looks a lot more like Groundhog Day than he’d like to admit.

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow today – let’s hope Senator Feingold takes the hint. Happy Groundhog Day!

P.S. Here are the facts on Senator Feingold’s endless political career, in case you missed them last week.