What you didn’t hear from Senator Feingold “On the Issues”

Senator Feingold made a rare public appearance in Wisconsin yesterday, on Mike Gousha’s “On the Issues” at Marquette University. Here are five things he didn’t tell you:

1.) Senator Feingold called the Iran deal one of the “great things that the president has done,” showing his support for the deal is stronger than ever, even after Iran tested missiles and temporarily detained 10 U.S. sailors.

2.) Senator Feingold has repeatedly voted against a “lone wolf” law meant to protect against San Bernardino-style attacks by homegrown terrorists and others acting alone – and against establishing the Homeland Security Department.

3.) Senator Feingold’s business record includes voting for tax increases hundreds of times, and helping lay the groundwork for EPA overreach that is tying up Wisconsin farmers in red tape and making it harder for manufacturers to create good jobs for Wisconsin families.

4.) Senator Feingold talked a good game on guns for years, but his voting record undermined the Second Amendment and is out of step with Wisconsinites.

5.) Soon after losing his seat in 2010, Senator Feingold created Progressives United, a shadowy slush fund he used to benefit himself and lay the groundwork for his next Senate campaign. Then he broke his promise to raise more than half his money in Wisconsin, a career-defining pledge he’d honored from 1992 to 2010.