Five crucial moments in Senator Feingold’s blind support for the Iran deal

Check out these key moments in Senator Feingold’s blind support for the president’s reckless Iran deal.

1.) Senator Feingold last said that the Iran deal was one of the “great things that the president has done,” showing his support for the deal even after Iran tested missiles and temporarily detained 10 U.S. sailors. Find coverage of his statement here, and listen to AUDIO here.

2.) Senator Feingold received more than $300,000 from J Street, a D.C.-based special interest group and lobbyist bundler backing the Iran deal. This is despite supposedly building his career on fighting against the influence of lobbyists. Read coverage of that here.

3.) Senator Feingold recently revealed the weak footing for his support of the Iran deal in the first place, saying “hopefully it works.” Read more here.

4.) Senator Feingold admitted that he had “no ideas” on how to deal with Iran at a fundraiser with elite Boston donors. Read about that here.

5.) In fact, he actually said that we should just ask “some Indonesians” about the problem. Check that out here.