Senator Feingold’s votes prove he’s the wrong choice on national security

Senator Russ Feingold’s record of voting against national security measures — like a bill meant to protect us from lone wolf terrorism attacks — is more proof he is the wrong choice to keep our country safe. Ron has continued to push for real solutions to keep our country safe — from passing a law to help prevent terrorists from entering the U.S. to pushing for a comprehensive plan to destroy ISIS.

Excerpts from the Washington Examiner:

But Johnson’s team maintains that subsequent votes against legislation extending the lone-wolf provision along with controversial portions of the USA Patriot Act — on which Feingold was the only “no” vote in 2001 — were positions that left the U.S. open to San Bernardino-style attacks.

“Sen. Feingold’s willingness to abandon a law meant to protect us from ‘lone-wolf’ attacks is another clear example of how he is the wrong choice on national security,” Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger stated last week. “Sen. Feingold is so far out to the left he ends up with dangerously weak positions on foreign policy.”

Johnson’s campaign pointed to Obama’s recent discussions about the threat posed by lone wolves as proof that Feingold is out of step with voter sentiment, and even his own president.

In a recent statement, Johnson’s campaign argued that his plan to change the visa waiver program is a real step toward a more secure country. The visa waiver changes, which the Obama administration sought, were included in the catch-all spending bill keeping the government funded through the end of fiscal 2016.

It also said that plan goes far beyond Feingold’s idea of reviving a commission to focus on intelligence gathering. “Ron Johnson is leading the way with real solutions to keep us safe — including legislation … to help stop terrorists from entering the United States,” the campaign said.

Johnson has said policymakers have a responsibility to write a new AUMF specifically tailored for the threat posed by the Islamic State and similar groups. He’s also said they should write a new War Powers Act as well but insists that the Obama administration take the lead.

And his campaign is quick to tout Johnson’s legislative proposals for countering the Islamic State since the Sunni terrorist group first started capturing chunks of Iraq and Syria last summer.

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