Contrast between Ron and Sen. Feingold on national security crucial in Senate race

Recently, Politico highlighted Ron’s work using his chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to fight for real solutions to keep Wisconsin and our country safe — and the contrast with Senator Russ Feingold’s dangerously weak record.

Excerpts from Politico: 

In Wisconsin, Sen. Ron Johnson has been particularly eager to focus on national security. When Johnson ran in 2010 and defeated Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold, he did it on his record as a successful businessman and an unyielding small-government philosophy. Now, as chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Johnson is focusing on his work on immigration issues and combating terrorism.

“What this campaign will hinge on is called security,” Johnson said. “But it’s across the board, whether it’s income security or job security or retirement security or healthcare security. And what’s really come to the fore right now is national security.”

Johnson’s campaign also hopes to target Feingold’s record on national security. The Democrat was once the only senator to vote against the PATRIOT Act.

“Sen. Feingold’s been weak,” Johnson said. “He’s just weak. He’s weak on national defense, he’s weak on intelligence gathering, which is our first line of defense against Islamic terrorists. We have to have an effective intelligence-gathering capability combined with robust oversight and continuous monitoring.”