Senator Russ Feingold offers “no ideas” on Iran

Right Wisconsin
December 21, 2015

According to a report in the Boston Herald from Jeff Robbins, a Boston attorney and former delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Russ Feingold couldn’t tell a Boston audience how he would counter the threat from Iran. In fact, he had “no ideas” according to Robbins.

In Boston this fall, former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) was asked about his ideas for combatting the increased threat to American security posed by Iran, slated to receive $150 billion with which to acquire weapons and expand its terror operations under the recently inked nuclear deal. Feingold, in town to raise funds for his campaign to retake the Senate seat he lost in 2010, had been one of the Democrats’ best
 and brightest, serving on the Senate’s Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees.
Feingold acknowledged that he had no ideas, but pivoted to a description of his recent trip to Indonesia. He had spoken to some Indonesians about Iran, he said, and he found that Indonesians were also concerned about Iran. It seemed to him, the three-term senator said, that the U.S. should think about working with Indonesia to see if it could persuade Iran to not be quite as aggressive as it had been in the past.
Yes, when it comes to countering geo-strategic threats in the Middle East, Russ Feingold thinks the path is through meetings with Indonesia. Robbins continues.
No one present was impolite enough to suggest to the veteran Democrat that if talking to the Indonesians about talking to the Iranians was the Democratic Party’s Plan A for dealing with the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror, it had better move hastily to line up Plans B, C and D. Nor did anyone say aloud that when it comes to judging national security threats, it isn’t merely that the Obama administration and its defenders have been less than confidence-inspiring. It is that what they have inspired is genuine concern.
Russ Feingold has a major liability when it comes to issues of terrorism and national security. Feingold is all-in in support of the Iran nuclear deal. He is all-in in favor of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. And he is desperate to talk tough about ISIS while presenting a carbon copy of the Obama administration’s failing strategy.