Ron discusses how Wisconsin grassroots will propel him to victory over Senator Feingold

Ron was on Fox News’ “Power Play” with Chris Stirewalt talking about the strength of the grassroots in Wisconsin, the contrast between him and professional politician Senator Russ Feingold and the fate of his goatee. Watch below:

On why he’s so confident he’ll be re-elected:

Are career politicians pretty popular? … I’m actually a manufacturer from Wisconsin. I’ll be running against a career politician. So how do you think that matches up?

On what to do about the federal government:

I think the citizens of Wisconsin look at the federal government as pretty dysfunctional. … So here’s an idea: let’s stop growing it.

On the strength of the Republican grassroots in Wisconsin:

We’ve got a great grassroots effort – let’s face it, they’ve been battle tested. Scott Walker’s recall. Paul Ryan was the vice presidential nominee. Scott Walker’s re-election. We haven’t allowed that grassroots effort to atrophy, not for a second – we’re actually bolstering it.

On whether he’ll shave the goatee you may have seen him sporting to promote cancer awareness:

Take a vote on the Internet. … When Senator Johnson returns in 2017, having beaten Senator Feingold a second time, should he be clean-shaven, a moustache, or a goatee?