Ron Johnson Announces Campaign’s Grassroots Leadership in All 72 Wisconsin Counties

County Coordinators include business owners, veterans, community leaders, students, and other grassroots supporters who will play key role in 2016

Ron Johnson today announced the launch of his County Coordinators program, which includes grassroots leaders in all 72 counties to head up the campaign’s volunteer efforts. 

“The stakes are high in this election. As a manufacturer and citizen legislator I want to wage a true grassroots campaign that draws on the strength of volunteers all across our great state, and these county coordinators are on the front lines of that fight,” Ron Johnson said. “The grassroots ground effort in Wisconsin is the most powerful weapon we have to deliver our state to the Republican nominee for president – and make sure our new president has a Republican majority in Congress to take the tough votes and help solve the problems facing our nation.”

The county coordinators will work directly with the Ron Johnson campaign to complement the efforts of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, local county parties and volunteers who have helped build Republicans’ nationally recognized voter turnout operation in Wisconsin. The National Journal reported in October that the party’s turnout operation – which helped propel Gov. Scott Walker in his three electoral victories – is ready to help Ron defeat Senator Russ Feingold in 2016.

These grassroots leaders will be responsible for recruiting and directing volunteers all across the state, in addition to spreading the campaign’s message and working with the campaign on events. The list announced today features county coordinators in all 72 counties, including business owners, veterans, community leaders, students, and other grassroots supporters.

The entire list follows:

Matt Augustine

Nancy Bartlett

Scott Barton

Crystal Berg

Bill Biefer

Christine Breitkreutz

Terrance Brooks

Michael Bub

Paul Bugenhagen, Sr.

Terri Burl

Jay Capelle

Dan Carullo

John Christie

Bill Curry

John & Nancy Danneker

Tamara Deutsch

Al Exner

John Fandrich

Bob Goodlad

Adam Graf

Jeff Grochowski

Paul Gruber

Charlie Gullan

Doug Haag

Yasmin Hahn

Wade Hallet

Adrian Hendrickson

Ron Heuer

Charlie Holtebeck

Ann & Dan Hundt

Dennis Jahnke

Virginia Jesse

Joane Kapp

Shirley Kaufman

Kathy Kiernan

Jason Knack

Andrew Kolberg

Jim Konowalski

Nick Lauren

Chris Martinson

Jim Miller

Nancy Millholland

SuLynn Moore

Jerry Murphy

Travis Nez

Steve Nielsen

Wanda Nielsen

Nancy Olson

Kathy Olszewski

Clark Palmer

Jerry & Mary Lou Poehler

Ralph Prescott

Alex Rasch

Liz Reiten

Paul Rondeau

Kelly Ruh

Karen Schroeder

Carlton Schroeder

Beth Scott

Louis Smith

Stephanie Soucek

Bryan Steil

David Steuber

Steve & Carol Stevenson

Rhonda Sweeney

Jerry Sweeney

Gwen Theien

Pam Travis

Bruce & Kim Trueblood

Bud Walker

Cathy Waller

Lark Wartenberg

Tom Wastart

Bill Weber

Brian Westrate

Jay White

Brad Wiedenhoeft

Laurie Wolf

Jim Zeiler