Letter to the Editor: Washington changed Senator Russ Feingold

The Janesville Gazette
Letter to the Editor By: Fran Hanus
November 27, 2015

Washington changed Senate candidate Russ Feingold. The champion of campaign finance reform has abandoned the high standards he claimed to have.

Hypocritically, Feingold has been using his political action committee as his personal slush fund. After losing his 2010 race, Feingold created his Progressives United Super PAC “to fight corruption in politics.” In reality, he used most of the money to pay himself, his staff and rent on his D.C. condo.

Feingold has pledged support for living-wage legislation—for other employers. All of Feingold’s interns are unpaid, according to RedState. Amazingly, Feingold’s ad posted at a UW-Madison blog for political science undergrads was placed only 10 days after Feingold gave a speech supporting a $15 minimum wage. Feingold is being a hypocrite on a living wage because he believes it will buy him votes.

Obamacare, which is spiraling out of control, wouldn’t have passed without Feingold’s vote. Feingold supported the nearly trillion-dollar failed stimulus package and unprecedented spending increases, saddling our grandkids with more debt and higher taxes. Feingold voted against balanced budget amendments several times while voting to raise taxes hundreds of times.

Usually as senator, when Feingold voted against the party line, it was to take a more hard-left position than other liberals. Disgustingly, Feingold voted seven times to allow abortions as late as the ninth month of pregnancy.

Sen. Ron Johnson has been an independent voice for Wisconsin and a conservative voice for change and reform. He deserves to be re-elected next fall.