ICYMI: Capital Times Reports Feingold Taking Heat for Shadow Campaign

ICYMI: Capital Times Reports Feingold Taking Heat for Shadow Campaign

Johnson campaign says Feingold “scam PAC” comparison shows Progressives United was only meant to fuel Feingold “political ambitions”

In case you missed it, the Capital Times reported today that Senator Feingold’s Progressives United is facing new criticism for so much of the money it raised going “back into fundraising for itself” a practice common among organizations that have been dubbed “scam PACs.” You can read the entire story here, with excerpts below: 

At the crux of the charges of “hypocrisy” is the PAC’s breakdown of expenditures. A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report this summer found Progressives United gave just 5.6 percent of its income to federal candidates and political parties. Republican officials said that was proof the longtime campaign finance reform advocate had a habit of saying one thing and doing another.

… Critics continue to question why so much of the PAC’s money went back into fundraising for itself. In the 2012 election cycle, about 49 percent of its income was spent on fundraising, and in the 2014 cycle that total was 54 percent. In contrast, 7.4 percent of the PAC’s income went to candidates and political parties in the 2012 election cycle. That dropped down to just 2 percent in the 2014 cycle.

… a spokesman for Johnson’s campaign said the way Progressives United was run “shows just how far Sen. Feingold is willing to test the bounds of hypocrisy to claw his way back to Washington.”

“The fact that Progressives United spent lavishly on salaries, travel and even Sen. Feingold’s book is bad enough,” said Johnson spokesman Brian Reisinger in an email. “The fact that so much of its money went back into fundraising across the country makes clear that it was never about supporting candidates or causes as Sen. Feingold originally stated — it was a shadow campaign, plain and simple, meant to fuel his political ambitions.”