Five Feingold Fails on Wisconsin Jobs

Five Feingold Fails on Wisconsin Jobs
Senator Feingold has among the worst records on manufacturing

With Manufacturing Month fully underway in Wisconsin, the Ron Johnson for Senate campaign today released five ways Senator Feingold failed to support Wisconsin manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Senate.

“The record is clear: There are few senators Wisconsinites could send back to Washington who are worse for jobs than Senator Russ Feingold,” campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “Ron is a manufacturer who knows what it takes to grow private sector jobs and is fighting to get Washington out of the way. Senator Feingold is a professional politician who has no idea what it takes to grow jobs – just government – as he proved time and again during his 18 years in Washington, D.C.”


Ron Johnson started his own manufacturing business in Oshkosh in 1979. Senator Feingold, meanwhile, spent nearly 30 years in elected office, including 18 in Washington that earned him one of the worst records on job creation of any of his colleagues.

Just take a look at these Five Feingold Fails when it comes to jobs and manufacturing:

  1. Feingold’s average rating from the National Association of Manufacturers since 1998 stands at 12 percent.
  1. Feingold’s most recent rating from the National Association of Manufacturers before the people of Wisconsin fired him was 8 percent.
  1. Feingold’s rating by the National Federation of Independent Business in 2009 was 31 percent – the lowest of any senator.
  1. Feingold, according to the Chamber of Commerce, was the second-worst senator for business – the only one worse was self-admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.
  1. Feingold has repeatedly voted for burdensome regulations that would cost Wisconsin jobs.