Senator Feingold Returns to California Classroom for Fall Semester

Flees summer of scrutiny over campaign finance hypocrisy, slush funds and paid speeches

The Ron Johnson for Senate campaign today released the following statement on Senator Russ Feingold’s return to Stanford University in California for the fall:

“Senator Feingold would rather lecture in California than listen in Wisconsin. No doubt this job will let him be closer to the liberal billionaires and Hollywood types who finance the outside groups propping up his campaign,” campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “With all the scrutiny he has come under back home – from using Progressives United as a slush fund that even boosted his book sales to accepting speaking fees from charitable organizations – it’s no wonder Senator Feingold wants to avoid answering questions from Wisconsinites. One thing remains crystal clear – ‘Russ’ just isn’t for us anymore.”


  • Senator Feingold returned today to lecture at Stanford University for the fall, despite claiming to be focused on his campaign for a fourth term in the U.S. Senate.
  • Senator Feingold’s Progressives United was revealed over the summer to be little more than a political slush fund, which he even used to boost sales for his book.