“This is the people’s seat, not the Feingold seat”

Right Wisconsin 
August 10, 2015

Sen. Ron Johnson and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown joined Charlie Sykes Monday to discuss the Iran deal, Johnson’s 2016 re-election battle, and the hypocrisy of ‘Mr. Campaign Finance Reform’ Russ Feingold creating a slush fund PAC.

“This is the people’s seat, not the Feingold seat,” said Brown as he echoed his famous line he used to win in Massachusetts.

Johnson pointed out the hypocrisy of Feingold leaving office after years of being ‘Mr Campaign Finance Reform’ only to start a slush fund PAC.

On the Iran deal, both Johnson and Brown were skeptical of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s opposition suggesting that it represented that the Democrats likely have enough votes. That said, Johnson said he opposes the deal that will unlock millions of sanctioned dollars for Iran to finance terrorism in the region.